bLUNDER started activities in 1998. The band’s popularity grew with the victory in a National band contest and with some important National TV appearances and radiobroadcasts.


Then does a pre-production for the debut album with Jonathan Miller (The Cure, Boy George, Madredeus, Rui da Silva, Resistência) and later on starts recording the debut self-titled album with International superstar-producer Mick Glossop (Sinead O’ Connor, Frank Zappa, the waterboys, Bolshoi, the cult, Van Morrison, Tangerine dream, Suede, Mike Oldfield, Lloyd Cole).



bLUNDER is back, after a hiatus of a few years, with almost two decades of activity and 4 albums released worldwide, now with a new line-up, sonority and a load of new tunes to be released.

AlieNation has just reached the digital platforms of the planet in the beginning of the year, whilst the band starts the winter tour, starting in Oporto - Portugal, leading to northern Spain and London - UK. Because this incursion has an International pretension, the group aims to elevate their new and refined sound to a global acquaintance, therefore preparing distribution deals and tour dates on all territories throughout the globe.

Yet to refer that bLUNDER has had several prizes and nominations in the past, had been listed on International compilations, OST´s, and had stepped on the most emblematic summer festivals´ stages, in a total of 200+ concerts.

The record´s debut happened in the year 2000, with a self-titled album led by superstar producer Mick Glossop, known by the huge success with the most iconic albums with artists such as the Waterboys, Suede, The Cult, Mike Oldfield, Sinead O´Connor, Frank Zappa, Van Morrison, Tangerine Dream, John Lee Hooker, Lloyd Cole, amongst many others.

Vertigo Moment is the newest single, which brings along a videoclip most representative of bLUNDER´s melody and energy, undoubtedly always present in the band´s sonic spectrum.


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